Friday, October 31, 2008

How To Find Your True Love

I met my husband through the internet. We were chatting on the internet for about 6 months before we finally decided to meet each other. He is from a different state, but it did not stop us from falling in love getting married later. We kept in touch online for another 5 years until we got married.

In the internet era, it’s not impossible to find your true love online. I got several friends that also found their true love online. If you haven’t found your true love yet, probably now is the time for you to find it by joining Signing-up is absolutely free! You can search for free with no obligations. is an online dating service that takes your safety seriously. They do conduct criminal backgrounds, check for felons, and screen for married people who present themselves as singles. Another great feature of the site is their scientific compatibility testing. It has been proven that compatibility plays an important role in having a strong, lasting relationship.

So since it is free and you have nothing to loose, why not sign up and who knows probably you finally find your true love here and you can join all the other couples that find their partners on the internet.


Thursday, October 30, 2008

Knitted Bracelets

Who said that you can only knit a sweater? As you can see in the photo you also can make knitted accessories (in this example are bracelets).

If you like what you see and want to try your hand at making these charming knitted bracelets to complete your look, then, grab the VogueKnitting Holiday 2008. If you go to their website, they even have a contest to win the yarn to make the exact bracelets.

Monday, October 27, 2008


Have you ever woken up in the morning and suddenly had an obsession to make something. I have that kind of feeling all the time. Like this week, I had the urge to knit a sweater. Although I had another project which I haven’t finish, I simply had to on a new project to make a sweater.

Alcoholism is also a mental obsession that causes a physical compulsion to drink. Of course obsession with alcohol is much more dangerous than my crafty obsession, but it is the same urging feeling.

If you know somebody that has problems with alcoholism or drug addiction and he/she is in the Malibu or West LA area, you can refer him/her to Promises rehab center.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Crocheted Piano

Look at the photo, and hold your breath! Isn’t it amazing? I cannot imagine how long it took to make this. This is a work of art!

One thing for sure, if I have a piano at home, I don’t think I want to convert it into this. Not only do I not have the time and patients to do it, but I imagine it will be very difficult to keep it clean.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Need Extra Money?

I started to learn how to crochet when I was 4 years old and since then I have made a considerable amount of crocheted items. Some people have suggested to me to sell my handmade items. The problem is if I have to price my handmade items, it will be too expensive. A lot of people always think that handmade items are cheap since we make it and don’t use any sophisticated machines to make it. They forget that we put hours of work into it. For me, I would rather do some “Get Paid to Click” work than sell my handmade items to earn some extra money.

If you are interested to earn some extra money, you can join EarnEasyCash - Paid to Click. You can earn money by signing up for free offers, clicking ads, and reading emails.

Four Top Reason To Sign Up:
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2. EarnEasyCash pays very fast, (within 3 day, guaranteed)
3. Premium members may request their earnings at any time (no minimum withdraw) Basic members must earn $1 before withdrawal.
4. 100+ Ads per day to earn money.

I think in light of the current economic slowdown, everybody needs extra money, so why not sign up and try?

Cute Top

Every woman needs some basic clothes in her wardrobe that can match any occasion, looks casual and yet can be worn for formal occasion with some fashionable accessories. That is why I am planning to make this to complete my wardrobe. I am planning to use white material because I think it will look good with a skirt or a pair slacks or even with a pair of jeans.

I am a bit hesitant to add the ruffles on the sleeves. I know that ruffles on the sleeve is the fashionable trend now, but I am afraid that it won’t last long. When I make something, I want it to last forever. What do you think?

Look Good For Celebration

As we are preparing to decorate our house to celebrate the coming festive season, don’t forget to look after your skin. You want your face to look radiant and happy and if you have any problems with your skin, it is best to solve it now and contact a dermatologist like Dr. Martin Sands.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Basket of Pumpkins

Halloween is almost here. Have you decorated your house to celebrate the occasion? Sometimes, just a simple decoration is enough to get you into the festive mood. Make these Crocheted Pumpkins, put them in the basket and place them in the corner of your living room, it will guarantee a conversational piece.

If you don't want to display the pumpkins in a basket, they would look just as decoratively displayed in a creative arrangement of dried corn husks, Indian corn, colorful fall leaves, nuts, berries or whatever you like.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Important Values

Hector Kabande was raised in a household where the most important values were family, great food and hospitality. He is he son of the late José Encarnación Kabande Dabdub, the famed hotelier who founded the upscale Hotel Lucerna chain. Beginning with a single hotel in Mexicali in 1966, the company, Grupo Lucerna has added Lucerna Hotels in Tijuana, Juarez, Culiacan and Hermosillo.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Miniature Bear Contest

Below are the winners of "Thread Teds Challenge" miniature bear contest. The contest's originator, Berta Hesen-Minten, who is known worldwide for her incredible miniature crocheted bear designs, reports that the Challenge was once again a huge success.

My favorite is actually the one that got the third place, but I just look from the photo. Sometimes what you see on photo looks different from real life.

First Place Gold Hook Award by Chantal Emilia Giroux

Second Place Silver Hook Award by Monika Skeryte-Kazlauskiene
Third Place Copper Hook Award by Anita Schaeder
Public Choice Purple Hook Award by Marge Wiese


Before you make a sweater, do you swatch? For me it depends. If the project is a totally new project and the yarn that I am going to use is totally new to me, I will certainly make a swatch. I will normally not make a big swatch, just about 20 sts and 20 rows are enough. Then I will wash the swatch to see how it reacts after washing.

However, if I have made the pattern before or have done something similar, or I am familiar with the yarn, then I won't make a swatch and just start the project!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Advertise Online

Do you own a business or are thinking about starting one? Well, the one thing that every business owner needs to know is that in order to survive, you need customers who are willing to pay for your products or services. The only way to drive customers to your business is to advertise. Without advertisement, even if you have a very good product, nobody will know about it and nobody will buy it.

Some people even say that with good advertising, you can sell ice in the North Pole or sand in the dessert.

Nowadays, more and more people are using internet to do their shopping. It’s fast and convenient. You don’t even have to leave your home to do some shopping. When I am looking for something, the first thing I do is to search for it on the internet to see where I can buy it. Thus, if you are not advertising your business on the internet, you are loosing out, big time.

Now the question is how do you advertise on the internet? There are so many ways to advertise but not all methods are effective. If you have a small business with a small budget then probably you should look at AdPropel.

AdPropel is an online advertising firm located in the Sacramento Valley. They were founded in 2007 by small business owners who intimately know the difficulties of creating and managing Internet advertising campaigns. They blended their advertising and technology experience to create a great product to empower you to succeed in the new world of Internet advertising.

Why Choose AdPropel?
1. More people buy and research online than ever before, you can reach them with AdPropel.
2. Keep your budget under control, set monthly maximums and only pay for performance.
3. AdPropel's service is easy to learn and straight forward so you can get back to business.
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Besides knitting and crocheting, I also like to do some patchwork. So far I have only made 1 patchwork blanket. Yesterday I saw someone in Ravelry, who made a crocheted blanket that looks like patchwork. I love the idea and I want to try it someday.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Everything is Done Online

Nowadays, everything can be done online. That is including finding a good Auto Body Shops. You can locate your nearest auto body shop online. You can see the review and ratings first before you get an online estimates and make an appointment without get out from your house. If you are looking for auto body shop, you can give yorba linda auto body shop a try.

My Favorite Designer

One of my favorite knitting designers is Kim Hargreaves. She used to be one of designer in Rowan Knitting Magazine.

Kim in the end decided to left Rowan after 20 years become a key performer in that magazine. After she left a lot of the reader think that the magazine is not as good as it used to be.

That complain is without no reason, since Kim had managed the Rowan brand; creating hundreds of individual designs; selecting new yarn colors; master-minding the fashion stories for the magazines and styling the photographs that would inspire so many people to knit with style.

Now she has opened her own business, she is selling the knitting kit, the pattern plus the yarn. The picture on the side is one of the sample of her kit. Recently she also published her own books.

I think her designs have a timeless, elegant, and sophisticated look that very rarely can be found in other designer.

Perfect Eyes

I think I need lasik eye surgery. I know it's expensive, but just imagine having 20/20 vision. I strain my eyes quite often when I do some craft, that is why my eyes is not as perfect as it used to be. My friend has already done it, and she is happy with the result. She has more confident and doesn’t have to go through all the hassle of wearing contact lens anymore.

Designer Wannabe

I always wanted to be a knitting or crocheter designer. I thought it's a good opportunity to be able to sell knitting or crochet pattern online. Just think that you only have to design a pattern one time, and you can sell your design forever online. Don't you think it's a good idea?

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