Monday, September 29, 2008

I Lost My Hook

So after several days, I finally managed to finish 1 square (sigh!). I wanted to cut the thread but could not find my scissors. So, I put down my hook and got up to get a scissors from my desk. After cutting the thread, I was ready to start another square only to realize that I lost my hook. I looked everywhere and yet the hook seemed to disappear into thin air. Since I didn’t have another spare hook of that size, it seemed to me that I had to buy another one if I wanted to finish the blanket. However, when I was about to sleep, I checked my pocket one more time, and guess what? I found it! I found it very weird that I found my hook in my pocket because actually that was the first place I checked when I realized that I lost my hook and throughout the day I checked it many times. It was as though “somebody” borrowed my hook and put it back into my pocket. Spooky!


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