Friday, May 29, 2009

Want to Know About "Scrubs"?

Being a nurse has many benefits and rewards, but it is not for everyone. Nursing is challenging and stimulating. A job of being a nurse requires you to practice everything you know. It makes you think fast and learn how to prioritize and plan strategically. It teaches you how to do a lot of things simultaneously while keeping your focus and concentration. It trains you to remain calm and think clearly even during tough situations. Because nursing is constantly developing, it requires you to be constantly updated about changing medical procedures and techniques.

If you are a nurse or like to be one, there is a new beta version website, called Scrubs. This website is dedicated to all things nursing. From how to look fabulous in scrubs to physical and mental health for nurses as care providers. I found this website very user friendly that even I can enjoy it.

There is a pool in the site asking “What is your favorite fictional portrayal of a nurse?” My answer is Greg Focker in Meet the Parents, since that is the only name that I am familiar with (I watched the movie before). Apparantly, I am not the only one that chose him. The pool result shows that 21% of the participant chose him as well.

There is also a Tip Jar section that full of great tips that seasoned nurses give to the new ones on the floor. From “How to deal with patient who threatens to sue” to “How to deal with dying patient”. I left a comment on the latter topic because I think it’s the most difficult thing to handle and you certainly need experience to do it.


Dogwood Afgan

Crocheted flower creations always add a cheerful and charming touch to any decor and just naturally seem to brighten any room where they are displayed. This lovely Dogwood Afghan is sure to draw "oohs" and "aahs," whether it's showcased in your own home or given as a gift to someone special. You can also use the square pattern, worked in a fine or lightweight yarn, to create a lovely spring or summer scarf. By itself, the center dogwood motif would make a lovely pin or embellishment for hats, purses, scarves and other fashion accessories. Add a couple of crocheted leaves to further enhance the flower and a beautiful bead at the center to really add pizzazz.

Style Tips and Make Up Tutorials

Not every woman has knacks to dress in style. You need to know yourself and find out what your personal style is exactly. I always make sure that every clothes I bought can be used for a long time. I always look for something classic and timeless rather than something that can only be used for a short time. I don’t mind spending money on something that looks good on me.

Recently, while I do some online shopping, I found that AMIClubwear (an online retail store that delivers the hottest and most popular styles of today) has nice selections of YouTube about style tips or make-up tutorials and also fun-filled behind the scenes footage videos. I found these videos are entertaining and useful.

Below video is just one example of what they have there.

If you like with what you just saw, why don’t you subsribe (they updating regularly) and get a chance to win USD 300 gift certificate. The official contest rules is very easy to follow. Just subscribe to YouTube channel at .The Contest begins at 12:01 a.m. Eastern Standard Time (“EST”) on May 28, 2009 and ends at 11:59 p.m. EST on June 24, 2009 (the “Contest Period”).


Storage Tips

Taking care when storing your crocheted pieces can be just as important as proper cleaning. Here are a few helpful suggestions.

• Fold crocheted garments, don't hang them. If you must hang them, use a well-padded hanger.

• Clean items before storing them. Body oils from wearing or handling crocheted pieces actually accumulate dirt -- spots that will show up later.

• Use moth repellent for natural fibers.

• Occasionally refold items stored for long periods of time to prevent weak spots from developing along the folds.

• Avoid putting clean items in airtight plastic bags that prevent fibers from breathing. Use a garment bag or storage box, or wrap in a clean sheet.

Seaming Party = Dark Circle Eyes

Have you experiencing not to sleep at night just because you have to finish your project? I have. I was knitting a cardigan and I had finished all the knitting parts. I have blocked all the parts already. All I had to do was seaming them together. I thought It would not take long time. I guessed I thought wrong. Seaming dress made of cloth is different from seaming knitted parts together. It took a long time, because you have to pick the correct stitch carefully one by one. Haste only makes your finishing result looks like crap.

In the end, I only managed to finish at 5 in the morning. That means it took me about 5 hours to seam. Well! I guess next time, I just want to knit top down knitting where you don’t have to seam them together.

Because of that seaming party I had, I had the worst dark eye circle ever. I guess I had to buy those eye creams from I hear from eye cream reviews that these creams can improve the look of their eye area, including wrinkles, dark circles and bags. I would like to try it on my eyes to see whether the cream works or not.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Although it is possible for people to work at home using internet, a lot of business still need a real office. If you are thinking to set up an office, it might be convenient to set up an office in your home. However, to work at home, although it has some advantage it also has some disadvantage as well. Working at home sometimes make you can not concentrate fully as your children probably keep disturbing you and expect you to pay attention to them. If you are working from home like me, you probably understand what I mean. When you work at home, people still expect you to clean house, cook, or to take care the children, which is not the case if you are working in the office (not at home).

Anyway, if you are in a need to find Office Space locally try to look at this site.

Singing Bowls

If you like unique handicraft from Tibet or Nepal, you should see this website called Silver Sky. They carry stuffs like prayer seed beeds, Tibetan cymbals, and they even have a Tibetan wool handbag. The latest products that they carry include Tibetan Crystal Singing Bowls and spouting bowls. These Spouting Bowls have 2 handles on each side of the bowl and are filled with water. When a person rubs their hands on the handles it creates friction and vibration that cause the bowls to spout water like a fountain. All these bowls are unique and difficult to find. When you bought the bowl you also will received the recorded sound file and individual picture to make sure that you got the correct bowl.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Crochet Care

In our wash-and-wear culture, many of us are at a loss to understand how to properly launder and care for our hand-stitched items. Proper care can make your hard work last longer and look better. There is nothing more disappointing than to spend hours painstakingly crocheting a special project only to see it lose its beauty.

First, here are some basic tips to help ensure the best laundering care for your crocheted items:

• Read and follow the yarn care instructions on the yarn label. These will often be represented by certain symbols, so if you aren't familiar with their meanings, you can find some good explanations here.

• Make a swatch of your pattern, and wash it to see if it turns out as expected before risking your completed item.

• Be sure all ends are securely woven in and trimmed before washing to eliminate snagging in the wash.

• If your piece has buttons, make sure they are washable. Some buttons are not made to be washed or dry-cleaned. If that is the case with the buttons on your project, remove them before washing the project.

• Don't use bleach.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


I got my first car when I was 21 years old. However, I really didn't know how to maintain my car properly, I still do. I only know how to use and to fill it with gas. That is all I know. My father was the one that checking the radiator and so on. Now my husband do it for me.

Why is radiator important? Your running engine produces an extraordinary amount of heat. To prevent overheating and potential engine damage to your vehicle, it is outfitted with a cooling system that circulates coolant through your engine to keep its components cool. The Dodge Truck Radiator is designed to disperse heat from the coolant to its metal coils through ventilation. Should the radiator fail, the vehicle will overheat quickly and cause much damage to your engine.

Friday, May 15, 2009

My Teeth Problem

My teeth are always giving me a problem. The last dentist I went told me that I have gum disease and I need to cut open the gum in order for them to clean up properly, otherwise I will loose my teeth very soon.

I don’t have the money to do it at this moment not have insurance to cover it. Thus at this moment I just have to really take care my teeth so it won’t get worst.

Anyway, if you are looking for Dental Consultants that offers all aspects of dentistry including cosmetic, general and family dentistry, you can click on the link.

Real Property Management

Having been in business for over 20 years nationwide, Real Property Management has managed thousands of properties. Because of that, not only they know the rental market, they also have won "Franchise of the Year Honarable Mention" award. As a full-service management firm, they offer tenant placement, credit screening, maintenance, property inspections, collections, evictions, and monthly financial reporting. They can even sell or buy your property when the time comes. The best thing is that they use use their own people to provide quality and timely maintenance for your property. Therefore, you don't have to pay the exorbitant rates charged by others; nor does your property have to wait until they can work it into their schedule. This can save you hundreds of dollars per year.

Power Steering

The first car I had didn’t have power steering. It was so heavy to move the steer if the car didn’t move. I think my upper arm became bigger when I used that car.

Luckily now most of cars come with power steering rack. Even by chance you got a car that doesn’t have good steering box, you can replace it with good quality steering rack. Take care of your Steering System and it will take care of you

Power Steering Pros now offers straight to the public racks, boxes and pumps at the prices well below list. With full warranty and free shipping you can't go wrong.

The Evolution of Crochet Hook

With today's wide variety of lovely crochet hooks crafted in a plethora of fabulous materials, styles and colors, it's hard to imagine the rather crude, unappealing tools our crochet forbearers had to use.

The earliest crocheters didn't have chain stores or mail-order catalogs to fulfill their needs for crochet implements. They fashioned their own, usually of wood, bone or metal. In Ireland, exquisite Irish crochet laces were worked with hooks made from stiff wire inserted into a piece of wood or cork. The end of the wire was filed down and a hook turned at the end. Looking back into history, I am amazed that these early crocheters could turn out such lovely pieces of needlework with the crude tools with which they had to work.

As crochet grew in popularity and technology flourished, crocheters enjoyed a Renaissance in the production of crochet hooks. Crocheters in the upper classes could take their pick of beautiful hooks hand-carved from wood, bone or ivory, or made of mother-of-pearl, tortoiseshell, abalone, horn, agate or sterling silver, and sometimes inlaid with gemstones.

In the early 1920s, sets of interchangeable crochet hooks became popular. Each set consisted of a single handle, perhaps of bone or amber, with an assortment of short steel hooks generally ranging in sizes from 1 to 14. The crocheter simply selected the size hook she needed for her project and screwed it into the tip of the handle.

In America, the Boye Needle Company produced the first complete line of American-made steel crochet hooks in 1917. Each hook sold for a nickel.

World War II forced the government to order the cessation of nickel plating for crochet hooks in 1942, and Boye began a special black plating process known as "hoto" black process. Nickel plating was not reinstated until the latter part of May 1945. Aluminum crochet hooks appeared in 1923, and hooks for hairpin crochet were introduced in 1935.

Today, we enjoy the convenience and availability of crochet hooks in an almost limitless variety of eye-catching styles and colors. From exotic woods and sparkling glass to dazzling beaded and hand-painted creations, we can revel in the pleasure of using beautiful, finely-crafted crochet hooks that look as good as they work.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Computer Hacker

When you hear “hacker” word, automatically you will think about a bad person who attacks computer system. However, if you are a computer and network expert who is attack a security system on behalf of its owners, seeking vulnerabilities non-ethical hackers might exploit, then you are categorized as ethical hacker. A lot of companies are willing to pay high salary for this kind of hacker. If you want to become an Certified Ethical Hacker, you might want to take a look at iClass, they offer quite a number of topics that include ethical hacking, penetration testing, computer forensics, disaster recovery and secure programming.

If you are not sure whether their programs are as good as they say, you can take the free one day online introduction to EC Council IT Security Training courses. Or you can directly register yourself. Just fill out their web form and an enrollment counselor will contact you for more details on how to proceed and stuff.

Even if you are not working in the IT area, I think this kind of knowledge is important to have. Who knows, probably after taking the courses you can really become an expert and your company will notice you and give you better opportunities.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cozy Pet Bed

If you are pet lovers or you know somebody that likes pet, you can make this Cozy Pet Bed. It also makes a wonderful gift. Whether your little ones are the two-legged or four-legged kind, they're sure to appreciate these cozy, comfy accessories made with love just for them! As for me, both my dogs are too big for this bed. They are sleeping outside anyway, so I don't think this bed is for them.

BTW: Here is the link for the pattern.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Disposable Mask

The last time I was wearing disposable mask was when I was travelling to Vietnam during bird flu outbreak. Actually I was reluctant to go, however since my boss also went with me, I had no reason not to go. To minimize the risk, I was wearing disposable mask on the plane. To my surprise, not many people were wearing it. I don’t know why people didn’t want to wear it. Is it because they won’t look nice wearing it?

Anyway, if you want to look great, breathe easier and protect yourself during swine flu epidemic, don't count on cheap disposable masks to protect you against the swine flu. The best available protection in a face respirator comes from the unique newly designed high fashion NIOSH Surgical N95 Particulate Respirators (Masks) which uphold a filtration level and fluid resistance universally recognized in the prevention of the inhalation of airborne microorganisms. Click here to view mask designs

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