Sunday, November 2, 2008

I Need 20/20 Vision

Besides knitting and crocheting, other handicrafts that I like are sewing, quilting and embroidery. When I am knitting or crocheting, I don’t really look at my work. I can knit or crochet while I watch TV. On the other hand, sewing, quilting and specially embroidery, really takes a toll on my eyes.

Lately, I find it almost impossible to thread a needle. I believe these are symptoms of Presbyopia, the clinical name for the condition where the eyes lose their ability to focus which begins for those whose age are forty and older.

I hate to wear glasses or contact lenses. My friend suggested that I have Lasik Surgery, since she did it last year and she is happy with the result. At first I am a bit skeptical, but after I did some research and I found at LASIK information that over 12 million Americans have benefited from LASIK. Even NASA and the U.S. military increase the performance of mission-critical personnel using laser vision correction technologies.

Modern LASIK technology, known as the iLASIK™ Procedure, uses two lasers instead of one. In the first stage of iLASIK, wave-front technology maps the unique characteristics of the individual’s eyes. Then, an ultrafast, computer-guided laser creates a corneal flap. This laser replaces the handheld microkeratome blade used in older forms of LASIK and makes the procedure exceptionally safe. After the flap is created, the wave-front mapping data guides a second laser for vision correction. The combination of these advanced laser technologies creates a custom-fit procedure clinically proven to provide excellent safety and visual results.

Although the surgery cost is higher than glasses or contact lenses but I think Lasik is worth it.



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I'm stuck in glasses at the moment because contacts dry my eyes too much. I would love to have Lasik, unfortunately, I just can't afford it right now!

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