Monday, March 2, 2009

Serger Thread

Serger threads are available in the same fibers as general sewing threads, with the exception of woolly nylon. Woolly nylon is a nylon thread that has little or no twist. Used in the upper looper for a rolled edge or in the upper and lower loopers for lingerie sewing, this thread is designed to gently relax after it's sewn and cover the edge finish. It has lots of stretch and is soft against your skin. Its one drawback is that it will melt in the dryer or under a hot steam iron.

Most serger thread is sold by the cone. Look for cone thread that is tightly wrapped and consistent in width. When using your serger for edge finishing, don't worry too much about matching the thread color. Most serger owners will invest in the basic colors of thread, black, brown, gray and white, to match the edge finishes as needed. If using your serger for seaming and edge finishing, it's the outside needle that creates the seam. Often, just matching this thread to the fabric is enough.


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