Thursday, February 26, 2009

Looking For A Date?

If you are still single and looking for a date probably the best place to find is in your office. However, if somehow everybody in your office has already married, what to do? Probably you can ask your friends and family to find somebody. The question is can you trust your friend or family taste? If your answer it no, then I advise you to look into this site called passion search.

Although I am married, but I am curious about this site and give it a try. You have to fill in your personal details to sign up. This is the part that I am a bit hesistant to do. However, since I was really curious, I filled them all and signed up.

Once I signed up, they sent password to my email. When I sign in, I am amazed that there are about 50,000 members are online and I can directly looking at their fotos and personal information. While I was there a looking around, suddenly I received private chatting invitation from somebody. Since I was not looking for any relationship with another male, I turned him down.

If you are still single, I strongly suggest this site for you.



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