Saturday, February 14, 2009

Never Too Old to Study

At the current competitive world you can not stop improving yourself. Employers look favourably on people dedicated enough to combine work and study. Plus, new skills and knowledge could bring, not only bring better financial benefits, but also greater personal satisfaction as well.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to study while working - whether it be to improve your chances of promotion, to get started on an entirely new career, or just to enhance a hobby you have – it always has its benefits.

Now the question is how to be able to further study while working. It’s not easy and it does require a large amount of dedication. That is the beauty of taking flexible on-demand online courses in Columbia Southern University.

Every week more businesses and organizations discover the benefits of becoming a Columbia Southern University Partner. With their Free Learning Partner Program your employees/members gain access to their completely online degree and certificate programs at a special discounted partnership tuition rate. Spouses and children of employees/members are also eligible. Additional partner benefits include an application fee waiver ($25 value) and flexible On-Demand Courses that do not interfere with career or family obligations.

If you want to find out further about CSU Learning Partners, you can click on the link and check it out yourself.



This is a very good article, especially in this economy. People who are laid off, or just plain lose their jobs, may need to learn new skills to get a new job. It is always a good idea, to learn new skills, and keep up on old skills.


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