Friday, May 29, 2009

Seaming Party = Dark Circle Eyes

Have you experiencing not to sleep at night just because you have to finish your project? I have. I was knitting a cardigan and I had finished all the knitting parts. I have blocked all the parts already. All I had to do was seaming them together. I thought It would not take long time. I guessed I thought wrong. Seaming dress made of cloth is different from seaming knitted parts together. It took a long time, because you have to pick the correct stitch carefully one by one. Haste only makes your finishing result looks like crap.

In the end, I only managed to finish at 5 in the morning. That means it took me about 5 hours to seam. Well! I guess next time, I just want to knit top down knitting where you don’t have to seam them together.

Because of that seaming party I had, I had the worst dark eye circle ever. I guess I had to buy those eye creams from I hear from eye cream reviews that these creams can improve the look of their eye area, including wrinkles, dark circles and bags. I would like to try it on my eyes to see whether the cream works or not.


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