Friday, August 15, 2008


Previously, I didn’t know that there was a huge community of people that liked handy craft on the net. Whenever, I complete a handy craft project, I admire it myself before keeping it in my closet. Once in a while, I would show it to my friends, but since they are not a crafter like me, they don’t know how to appreciate the true beauty of my finished object.

Only recently, I found a forum dedicated for crafters. Whenever I post my handy-craft projects, they always have nice comments about it. It makes me feel flattered and satisfied.

Anyway, I just found out that you can host your own forum. ProphpBB provides secure, reliable and fast Free Forum Hosting for hundreds of forums at absolutely no cost. Running phpBB3 in their customized environment, you'll have access to many exciting standard and premium features.

Currently, they host many forums, and the top forum at this moment is AQQ forum.


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