Friday, August 8, 2008

How to Get Ahead in Recruitment

In many sectors and industries, recruiting good quality staff is a real challenge. For example, a recent survey of UK Finance Directors identified that 64% of them were finding it difficult to recruit good people. Finding good staff is difficult but retaining them is even more difficult especially in a big city like London.

The way in which you tackle recruitment has a big impact on your success at recruiting the best people. Sadly, many organizations have more rigors around petty cash expenditure than one of their biggest investment decisions.

Each company has specific requirements, and who is more appropriate to see to these requirements being met than a recruitment agency, that, specializes in both recruiting and training personnel regularly and effectively?

The most important advantage that derives from using the services of a recruitment agency is that companies can find the best staff to meet their specific requirements. The standards of each company vary according to the way in which they balance cost and quality. This leads to varied requirements, and a good recruitment agency can meet even the most demanding ones.

MKH Advertising is one of the most respected names in London Recruitment industry. Using a range of media channels including print, online, outdoor, radio and TV, we provide recruitment marketing and candidate attraction solutions driven by a single goal: to fill vacancies quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.


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