Sunday, January 11, 2009

Become An Active Youth

A teenager who is physically active and takes part in any physical activities is less likely to become overweight as a young adult, compared to teenagers who are not physically active during their adolescence.

For maximum health benefits, your teenagers need at least one hour of moderate intensity activity each day. The most important thing to remember when encouraging your teenagers to get active is that they need to enjoy the activities they do and have fun. That is why I think SOGO Active is very good site in encouraging the youth to spend more time doing physical activities on their own or with friends. SOGO Active is unlike any other youth fitness initiative because it gives young Canadians the tools to design, change and control their own individual get active plan.

Sometimes you may not know about all the activities available to you. That's why Sogo Active partners with community organizations, and allows you to hook up with them as hosts if you want. Community hosts are organizations that have registered for sogo that provide young people with the grounds and facilities, equipment, expertise or other supports to make physical activity as simple as possible. For example, this might include swimming pools, basketball courts, parks, a hip hop instructor, or Ultimate Frisbee equipment.



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