Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Will Power

My godmother had breast cancer. The doctor already told her that she only had 2 more months although she already had both breasts removed. Even though the doctor vonis was very bleak, she always managed to be cheerful and very optimistic. She always told me that she would not give up hope easily. She always focused to go on living just for another day. True enough she manage to live passed the two months that the doctor predicted. She even managed to live another 5 years, which was a miracle.

She reminds me to Lance Amstrong, who also had determination to persevere regardless of circumstances. His experience recovering from testicular cancer had a huge impact upon him. So much so that he won the Tour de France a record breaking 7 times from 1999 to 2005.

Sometimes you have to look beyond the impossible and seek answers in a new and exciting realm of possibilities. This is what the new movie, What If? The Movie featuring Ken Cavanaugh talking about. "What If?" features unique and fascinating interviews with many of today's most intrepid doctors, scientists, visionaries and philanthropists combined with stunning international cinematography and visual effects, will encourage you to look beyond the impossible and seek answers in a new and exciting realm of possibilities!

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Hello Fiori..

Best wishes to your God mother...she seems a delightful person

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