Thursday, January 29, 2009

Raising Smart Girls

There are special challenges to raising girls. We have to teach our daughters to be safe, while encouraging their independence and self-confidence. We want our daughter to be a smart girl and know how to handle every situation confidently. There are several things that you as a parent can do in order to help your daughter to achieve that. You can empower your daughter by making her feel capable and confident to manage the world around her by demonstrate that you value her opinions and prove that you are willing to consider them, encourage your daughter to express her strong feelings and take positive social action in the face of perceived wrongs, encourage and help her learn to make good decisions for herself, do some serious confidence building by praising her for a job well done. On the other hand we also must strict and set the boundary on what she can or can not do. Don't back down or be afraid to fight necessary battles that can affect her health, well-being, or future happiness.

Recently, I come across a very good video. In this video Amy Poehler interviewed several smart teenage girls. I think this widget not only useful for teenage girls, but also useful for mothers in order to understand what their girl wants at that age.

See below video yourself, and if you like what you see, you can get your own widget here and embed it on your blogs, myspace and friendster account, and other media sites.



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