Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Power of Internet

Internet is the most important invention ever. Because due to the invention of internet, people are experiencing more advantages than before it’s invention. I learned how to crochet when I was 5 years old. I learned it from my auntie. Sadly, she didn’t know how to knit and I didn’t know anybody that knit. Only 2 years ago, when I was searching for something, I stumbled across somebody’s knitting blog. From there, I found a link to a site where you can learn how to knit.

Barack Obama understood the power of connections on the Internet. In February of 2007, Obama met with Marc Andreessen, Netscape founder and Facebook board member, asking for tips on how to utilize social networking for his campaign. Rather than invent a totally new product, Obama tapped into existing systems. His organizers published thousands of videos on YouTube. Obama and his wife, Michelle, both had personal pages on Facebook which they updated daily, and his staffers created and formed Facebook groups. The campaign created a website for its supporters called mybarackobama.com which utilized familiar tools from other sites such as Linkedin, eVite, Google Maps, and Facebook. Obama embraced existing communities and websites and used them to his advantage.

There’s even a report out called Obamanomics that studies this phenomenon. If you are interested to read more detail about Obamanomics, you can click on the link.




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