Thursday, October 22, 2009

Raised-Shells Crochet Bag

If you are a big fan of shell and in the need to change your bag, then probably this Raised-Shells Crochet Bag is a perfect project for you. Made using a basic 5-dc shell with no space at the center, but with an added element to give the shells extra dimension. By working into the back loops only when creating the shells, you get a deeply textured pattern. Were these shells worked in rounds rather than back-and-forth rows, they would be worked in back loops only and then in front loops only on alternate rounds.

There is an interesting development when the raised shell stitch pattern is worked in two or more colors; the color that's the main color on one side becomes the contrasting color on the reverse, due to the projecting and receding pattern rows. So, if you use this pattern to make something like a scarf, for example, you'll end up with a reversible, two-for-one design!

One really cool element to this bag is the rulers that adorn the top edges. What a clever embellishing idea! The rulers not only give the bag a unique, eye-catching look, but they will certainly come in handy for quick measurements while working your projects. Click here for the pattern and enjoy your new bag!


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