Friday, June 5, 2009

Fiction Writers Using Knitting Themes

Summer on Blossom Street by Debbie Macomber. The neighborhood knit shop starts a class entitled Knit to Quit to encourage the clients to quit smoking, lessen stress or make any other life change they may want. The concept is intriguing, and you can be sure there will be unexpected twists to the plot! If you've read any of the previous Blossom Street series, there will be both old friends and newcomers to the group. If you've already enjoyed the Blossom Street series, you might like to join a Knit-a-long for one of the patterns mentioned. Leisure Arts provides the patterns, and knitters around the world are having fun knitting the same projects together.

Dropped Dead Stitch by Maggie Sefton. This is the seventh of the series about our heroine, novice knitter, CPA and amateur sleuth Kelly Flynn. She finds time to knit with the regulars at the House of Lambspun in addition to bringing criminals to justice. The action takes place in Colorado, where the altitude and the adventures are high!

Death by Cashmere and Patterns in the Sand, both by Sally Goldenbaum. In Death by Cashmere, we meet the Seaside Knitters, led by Izzy Chambers, who moves to the Cape Cod town where she spent summers as a child. In this idyllic community, a mysterious death involves Izzy and her friends in the investigation. The sequel, Patterns in the Sand, continues the story set in Sea Harbor, Mass., with another mystery to solve. A hat pattern is included for your community knitting pleasure.

Knit Two is Kate Jacobs' Friday Night Knitting Club sequel. Those who have read the first installment will appreciate the chance to become reacquainted with the Manhattan circle of knitting friends in this novel. In addition to a moving story line, Ms. Jacobs has included an afghan pattern and two recipes for your pleasure.

Beach Street Knitting & Yarn Club by Gil McNeil is an interesting read. After the unexpected end of her marriage, Jo Mackenzie takes her sons from their London flat to the seaside, where her grandmother is ready to retire from the knit shop she owns. The opportunity for a new life is intoxicating for Jo, and under her guidance, the yarn shop becomes a hub of activity for knitting friends of diverse backgrounds and occupations. I really enjoyed this book, but will warn that the salty language of some characters may startle some knitters!


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