Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What Can I do?

As a person that likes to do handy craft, sometimes I am wondering whether I can make a living just from doing craft. I know that you probably said I can make something and sell it on ebay or etsy. The problem is I don’t want to sell myself short and if I really want to sell my handmade things, nobody will be able to afford to buy my stuff. Another option is to write pattern and sell in online. I like this idea more. I always like to knit or to crochet my own design. I only have to write it down the pattern, then I could either self-published my pattern or sell it to magazine.

Anyway, if you have question about job related, you can go to Career.QandAs.com (Career Advice and Development). You can either look up at their existing Q&A or you can ask them.


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