Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I have an online friend who is always online just like me. She is a very crafty person, thus it is very fun to chat with somebody that has the same hobby as mine. As a person who spent almost 24 hours online, it is no wonder that we do our shopping online

Speaking of online shopping, have you checked Zovue.com out? It’s a new communal shopping and social network. Zovue.com allows users to store high quality photos, HD video, shop with friends and do "share dekstop". This is a revolutionaury feature that allows users to share the Zovue experience in real time with friends from around the world. Zovue works with advertisers to provide high quality images from different angles,so you can be confident in you purchasing decisions. Zovue's shopping network allows you to buy from multiple vendors using 1 shopping cart.

So what are you waiting for, go and check it out yourself!



Zovue's remote webpage sharing is really cool! I've stored my pics on it so I can do online photo sharing with my closest friends or make them public and then look at them with my friends in real-time. Now that's something only zovue has! The online shopping section is really cool too because they feature beautiful ads of high end products. I've created my profile and now I'm creating albums to share my photos. I also like the way the site flows from section to section.

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