Friday, November 20, 2009

Heirloom Project

I am a sentimental person and like to keep all things that have sentimental value. Recently I heard an idea that has in turn given me some ideas for quilts I would eventually like to make. One of them involves saving all the Little League (or whatever) uniform shirts while your child is young. By the time they reach college, the shirt fronts with the team name and logo, and the shirt backs with their individual number can be used for squares on the front and back of a quilt. The border fabric could be a print fabric with baseballs, basketballs, or whatever is appropriate to match the squares.

Another similar idea is using fabric scraps either from sewing projects that involved special events for the child or from actual outfits worn by the child during special events such as a school play, a Halloween costume, a wedding they were in, or any other special occasion. It could even be a favorite outfit that would bring back memories of special events. I have an abundance of ideas in this same vein such as vacations, etc. I can't wait to have time to do use some of these ideas in quilts myself.

At this moment, I need to read my Server Migration assignment.


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