Thursday, November 19, 2009

Holiday Buying Guide

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Dirt Devil. All opinions are 100% mine.

My favorite thing about Christmas is seeing the excitement on everybody when they open their gifts. Normally I wrap my gifts beautifully with lots of ribbons and trimmings. Besides having fun wrapping them, I want my gifts to stand out among other people’s gifts.

As for the content, I don’t think I want to give something handmade. The main reason is because I don’t think I can find time to make it. Also, not everybody appreciate handmade items. They though that if I make something from scrap, it is because I want to save money. They don’t know how much time and efforts that goes to handmade items.

I try to organize myself early on in this incoming Christmas. I made a list of things to buy as gifts for my family and I tried to find good bargain online.

I just found out last night that Dirt Devil published holiday buying guide. It lists over 300 websites, tricks, and celver ways to save when you shop online. For example, if you want free shipping, you just browse the links that the buying guide lists under free shipping. The buying guide also lists a bunch of link to website that provides coupons. So, before buying anything make sure you check these website, sometimes you find coupon that will save you even more.

I found it interesting that this buying guide also includes the links to handmade items. They list out etsy, but I can’t find artfire there. Probably it’s because artfire is new.

Anyway, I found this buying guide useful because I can find so many tricks and tips to find good deal, not to mention the “Dirt Devil” good deal itself. How can I resist a good deal like “A hand and stick vacuum in one” for only USD 29.99,- ?


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