Friday, December 12, 2008

About Sharing and More

Do you know that sharing your stuff will double the happiness it brings to you. That is why whenever I managed to finish my craft work, I always got the urge to show it off to other people. There are many places where you can show off your recently finished craft work in the internet, I am a member of them. It always gives me satisfaction to be able to share or discuss about things with other peoples that also share the same passion with me.

Recently, I found another place that makes you able to show off your stuffs (non craft related stuffs). If you recently bought new car, camera, or shoes, don't show it off in the office or class room. The right place for that is! Here you share the joy in getting you dreamed stuffs, with the world. You tell the community how much it is, why you like the stuff, or sometimes, why you don't like it. You can even upload photos for your new stuff. The nice thing about acobay is that when you join Acobay and share your stuff, it automatically connects you with other peoples that have the same stuffs like you.

Want to buy something but you are not sure yet? At Acobay you also can find the best stuffs based on rating by thousands of real users or stuffs that are getting hot recently and also reviews and comments on the stuffs that you're interested in.


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