Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Question About CEIVA

I know that some of you are probably sick and tired of reading my ravings about CEIVA digital photo frame, but I received an email asking me about CEIVA. The sender intends to buy this digital photo frame for her parents. The problem is that her parents are not living in the US and she is wondering if CEIVA can still receive the photos outside of the US.

I think that by now all of you know that that Digital Photo Frame is different from other digital photo frames. This particular photo frame can receive automatic photo updates from friends and family from around the world. With PicturePlan, your CEIVA frame connects to your existing phone line and automatically makes a silent call in the middle of the night (without any interruption or charge to your phone service) to pick up all the photos that were sent to you by family and friends. In the morning, new photos appear automatically. No computer is required to receive new photos. Optionally, you can connect via a broadband or wireless network.

The answer to the question above is. you can send photos to a CEIVA frame from anywhere in the world but the frame does have to reside in the United States, Alaska, Hawaii, Canada or Puerto Rico.



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