Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Good Movie With Message

I love to knit while I am watching TV, especially when I reach the boring part of the project, like making the other part of sleeves. If you have the same hobby as mine, you probably know what I meant.

Anyway, normally on weekends my family which consists of my husband and 2 daughters have a family “movie time”. We select a movie that is suitable for my 2 daughters to watch, normally a movie that has good messages. I will make popcorn and make fresh orange juice to enjoy while we are watching the movie.

Recently, I read a good review about the movie All Roads Lead Home The Movie. This movie won best feature drama at the International Family Film Festival, so it should be a good movie to watch. The DVD will be released on the 13th of January, but you can pre-order it now in their website.

The story is about a 10-year old girl (Belle) who loses her mother in an automobile accident. Her father (Cody) struggles with the loss of his wife and is trying to raise a young girl who believes her father is partly responsible for her mother's death. Hock, Belle's maternal grandfather, has trouble communicating with Belle after the accident because she reminds him too much of her mother. It is Atticus the new puppy that will change Belle's life and everyone else's around her.

You can watch the trailer below.



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