Thursday, December 11, 2008

"High Art" T-Shirt

What do you think of this t-shirt? It has 70/30 blend of hemp and organic cotton. The uniqueness lays on the image that printed on the t-shirt. It is actually the image of DNA genetic fingerprint of Cannabis Sativa plant a.k.a marijuana. It is said in the website that they custom burn the image into the fabric for durability. This T-shirt is unisex although modeled by a male. If you are interested to own one of this “high art” you can hop to Mary Jane Goods site. They also carry T-shirt that lists the 652 legal names of Marijuana recognized by law enforcement in a very fine print. So, don’t get surprise if you find everyone will want to read the fine print.

Mary Jane Goods was inspired by Grandmason’s work with the DNA of endangered species.
Early success prompted him to extract the DNA fingerprint of Cannabis Sativa, a plant that for centuries has had a dizzying array of uses: medicinal, spiritual and of course, recreational.



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