Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dancing Game

Are you a Coke fan? I am not a fanatic fan of Coke although I always order Coke whenever I eat in the fast food restaurant. Anyway, if you want to have fun you should try a game called Coke Zero’s Dance Hero. It promises to bring a refreshing bit of fun to your day. This is actually a Canadian promo, but anybody can play. I am not an expert in dancing, but I can surely play this dancing game. It’s fun and addictive just like Coke. Just make sure you don’t play this while you are in the office, because everybody will start to play the game and your boss won’t be happy about it (unless, he is a Coke fan LOL).

Made famous by the international Coke Zero commercials on television, the tongue and eyeball mascots go head-to-head in a seriously delicious dance off! Who’s got the best finishing move? Find out when you play!

Simply click on the circles in numerical order, and when you see a curved line, follow it along with your mouse. Of course, it helps if you pay attention to the beat and the animation of the circles.

Challenge a friend to get your name on the leaderboard. There are no Coke Coins needed to play!


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