Tuesday, December 23, 2008

How to Clean Your Crochet Hook

Have you ever clean your crochet hook? I am guilty of have never cleaned my crochet hooks. The reason is because all of my needles are still in a very good condition. Still it’s worth to know how to clean our hook, in case we need to clean them.

A great way to clean steel crochet hooks is to soak them in rubbing alcohol from time to time and dry them with a soft cloth. They'll sparkle and give you a smoother stitching experience.
No crocheter's workbasket should be without a little block of beeswax, which is available at sewing-notion counters nationwide. Beeswax will be your best friend when it comes to keeping your stitching moving smoothly. Try buffing your newly cleaned crochet hooks with beeswax. They'll zip through your crochet work!

Treat your wooden hooks as you would any fine furniture: don't use water! Clean them with wood oil, and buff them with beeswax to keep the wood well-protected. Over time, wooden hooks will take on a satiny patina if they are cared for properly. This also will improve their performance and preserve them.

Due to the nature of a wooden hook, if it's not made correctly or cared for properly, a wood hook will sometimes split or snag your yarn. In this case, sand the hook carefully with superfine (360-600 grit) sandpaper, steel wool or the fine side of an emery board until it is smooth. Then, apply a coat of paste wax and polish, or you might apply one or two coats of clear varnish, sanding lightly between coats.

Care for bone hooks as you would plastic hooks, but never soak them in a soapy solution. Just clean them gently with a wet cloth, dry thoroughly and then given them a good buffing with beeswax to keep them from drying out.

Keeping your crochet hooks cleaned and preserved is important, and so is storing them safely. Never throw your unprotected hooks in with the rest of your supplies. Keep them protected in a case made for the purpose, or wrap them in felt -- whatever works for you.



Thanks! I just bought my first set of bamboo crochet hooks and wanted to know how to clean them. I just ordered beeswax and as soon as I have it I will wax them.

Thank you again

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