Thursday, December 18, 2008

Personalized Search Homepage

The internet is the best invention in the history, well according to me anyway. One can do a lot of things on the internet, such as chatting, shopping and blogging. You can even search for any information that you want to know with just a single click. I do a lot of searching on the internet and sometimes get I get bored with the view of my search homepage.

Today, I found out that you can personalize your search homepage. In order to do that you can go to the Shiny Search site. Once there, you can choose from a variety of custom skins and any style that you like. There are many styles to choose from like the Ninja Skull theme for boys and sun flower theme for girls to name a few. They even have kids, Christian, and gothic themes. Once you have selected your favorite style, you can add your name. After you are satisfied with your selection, then you click the “create custom search homepage” button. It’s simple and easy. I spent more than 15 minutes trying out different themes at Shiny Search. It was fun to discover all those interesting themes. In fact, I plan to change my theme every week.

If you want to have your own personalized search homepage, go to and be ready to have some fun with it.



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